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      Brett Tave

      For the past few days, I have been suffering back pain and neck pain. But thanks to my chiropractor. All those pain was gone.
      If anyone suffers from this, I recommend you should go to a skilled and professional chiropractor. 🙂

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      Marlyne Wilder

      Have shoulder tightness and lower back pain. I was getting chiropractic services from The Joint. No appointment needed was convenient but there was no deep muscle release prior to the adjustment.  I just returned home from a vacation and finding a chiropractor is on my to do list. I would also like to find a chiropractor who participates with my medical insurance.  I had to pay cash at The Joint.

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        Rick Tabakin

        I have back and neck pain. Went to see an orthopedist and had x-rays. Arthritis and spine related issues identified. I thought this was more age related than due to Parkinson’s. PD makes my body stiff and inflexible.

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      Hello! Extreme neck and shoulder pain was my first indicator of Parkinson’s disease. It started in 2015, and a few months later I was diagnosed. I had no relief, even though I regularly went to physio and massage therapy. Then, after a couple of years, my physiotherapist suggested that Botox in my neck and shoulders might give me some relief, and it did! It would last about 3-4 months.
      Now that I have had DBS surgery about 2 months ago, the pain is entirely gone. I just hope it stays away.

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      Alan M

      I’m with Marlyne… shoulder tightness and neck pain in the mornings and at night before bed.  I assumed it is constant but during the day I’m busy and maybe notice it less.  I can address it through Thai massage… and used a Chiro for a while but they are too expensive long-term.  I’m not brave enough to try Botox.

      This stiffness seems to bring n mini-migraines (severe headaches) at times.  Especially if I notice it under my right Scapula.

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      I was diagnosed two years ago with PD. Started with Scapula pain in right shoulder. Also neck, upper /lower back effected. Doing Massage and Chiropractic to help. Pain at time does effect my sleep. Damp weather seems to also make it worse.

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      My dad has neck pain and Parkinson’s. He has always thought the neck pain was related to a football injury. But maybe not!

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      My muscle pain arm pain and also neckpain ! Absolutely related my PD. Its form of occuring symptom of some type  of PD.

      It reliefs with PD treatments.



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      I’ve been prone to back muscle spasms all my adult life.  Several weeks ago suffered a severe pull in my lower back, the side that is weak w Parkinsons.  Cause: likely bending/sitting in ways during gardening that I knew not to do. It is still quite weak and stiff.  GP not much help.  Not sure that I trust the physical therapists.  Ive never seen a chiropractor but have an appt next week – my friend says he’s fantastic.  I wonder if Parkinson’s contributed to the severity or vulnerability.

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        Alan M

        Yeah Cass — I’ve just started getting lower back spasms recently. It’s like a sharp sciatica pain. Sitting is just possible laying is excruciating, and when rolling over in bed — forget about it as they say in Jersey. I wonder too if PD makes these spasms worse as well.

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      Bill Frohberg

      My wife went to our Chiropractor for a month about everyother day. Now she just goes a couple times a month for a tune up. She’s been doing well and he helped alleviate the lower back pain.

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