Life, Lemons, and Lemonade – a Column by Lori DePorter

Diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 45 was devastating. After struggling with this life changing diagnosis, I decided to make a change. As a wife and mother of three boys, I needed to attack this. I started building my toolbox. I researched everything. One common thread was exercise. A doctor recommended dance lessons specifically, the Argentine Tango, so I started ballroom dance lessons with my husband and we still have a weekly dance lesson date. You can find me teaching and participating in classes from dancing to boxing. Parkinson’s takes things from you but it can also give you things you never expected. Your perspective changes. Five years ago, life gave me lemons but I’m choosing to make lemonade. It’s not quite perfect but it’s mine and with a little luck, it will get a little bit sweeter.