Embrace the Shake – a Column by Samantha Felder

Samantha, or “Young’n” was diagnosed nine years ago, at age 21, with Parkinson’s disease. She graduated from college with a degree in education, and recently relocated to Florida from Wisconsin. She loves to travel and is obsessed with Disney. Fun fact: The person who owned her house last was part of the Disney family!

Who’s Up First in Your Team?

Spring is finally here, and when I think spring, I think baseball. Just like in baseball, where each team has a roster of players, Parkinson’s patients have their own teams of professionals in their lineup. Let me tell you about my team and its batting order. For my team, the…

Hallucinations Can Be a Scary Side Effect of Parkinson’s

Do you see or hear things that others don’t? According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, 20–40% of Parkinson’s patients say they’ve experienced hallucinations or delusions. The foundation’s website states, “Hallucinations are when someone sees, hears or feels something that is not actually there.” Unlike dreams, these episodes occur when the…

How to Advocate for the Parkinson’s Community

The word “advocacy” alone can send people running for the hills. I’ll admit, when I first decided to advocate for those of us with Parkinson’s disease, I was a little scared. Because I’m only 31 (and look 16!), I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously, and I certainly didn’t…

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