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Margarida is a biochemist (University of Porto, Portugal) with a PhD in biomedical sciences (VIB and KULeuven, Belgium). Her main interest is science communication. She is also passionate about design and the dialogue between art and science.

Articles by Margarida Maia

DJ-1 Protein Loss Linked to Longer-lasting Immune Response

Loss of a protein called DJ-1, which is linked to the development of early-onset Parkinson’s disease, may also mean a longer-lasting immune response, according to a new study. Researchers observed that immunoaging — a decline in immune function with aging — was slowed in a man with Parkinson’s who…

Companies Using AI to Identify Small Molecules to Treat Parkinson’s

Iktos is working with Astrogen to use artificial intelligence (AI) to identify small molecules as candidates for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Under the collaboration’s terms, Iktos will apply its proprietary machine-learning algorithm to virtually “sketch”molecules directed against a defined target and shortlist candidates for preclinical studies, the companies…

FDA Awards Final Approval to Entacapone Generic for Wearing-off

Alembic Pharmaceuticals has received final approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its generic version of entacapone as an add-on therapy for treating end-of-dose “wearing off” in Parkinson’s disease, the company announced. These entacapone tablets are “therapeutically equivalent” to Comtan and treat the motor…

Argobio Partners With GeneCode to Develop GDNF Mimetics

Argobio and GeneCode are teaming up to develop small molecules mimicking glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF), a protein that helps nerve cells survive, for the treatment of Parkinson’s and other diseases. The collaboration builds on previous work by researchers at GeneCode, who together with Mart Saarma, PhD,…

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