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Keeping the Romance Alive With Stay-at-Home Date Nights

This New Year’s Eve was, well, different. Our tuxedo, gown, and sparkly shoes were replaced by shorts, T-shirts, comfy pajamas, and slippers. My husband, Mike, and I didn’t have a plan, but ultimately, we spent New Year’s Eve creating our own date night. We cooked dinner, made a fire, played…

Music Therapy Can Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

I never realized the benefits of music until I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Early in my diagnosis, I met Alexander Pantelyat, MD, co-director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine, who introduced me to both music and dance. Together with boxing and other exercises,…

Finding Hope and Joy in the Detour of 2020

As a parent with young-onset Parkinson’s disease, I’ve been adjusting and adapting to the bumps and detours of my life. One of those adjustments has been our expectations for family events, from milestone events to everyday activities. With young-onset Parkinson’s, we hope our health doesn’t rob us or our family…

Batman and Robin Battle Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

For Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, I would like to share how Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s have given a daughter and a father a special bond. My dad has Alzheimer’s and I have young-onset Parkinson’s. My mom, or as I call her, Wonder Woman, calls me “the dad whisperer.” But I see…

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