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Deep Fatigue Is More than Tiredness

Fatigue is a symptom commonly associated with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and one I experience more often each year. The term “fatigue” alone does not do justice to the experience. It is too easy to relate fatigue to being tired or overworked, or to muscle aches after hard physical labor. I…

A New Look at Freezing: ‘Scenario Looping Breakdowns’ As an Early Symptom

Reframing how we describe symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD) can help us understand the disease spectrum concept that I introduced last week. One such symptom is the movement disorder called “freezing.” I believe there is an early PD symptom variation of freezing, called “scenario looping breakdown.” Understanding it may help…

A Preliminary Look at the Parkinson’s Disease Spectrum

The needs of each Parkinson’s disease (PD) patient varies because there is a large symptom diversity in the disease population. We may think of this diversity as a Parkinson’s disease spectrum: some people display little or no symptoms of a certain type while others describe those same symptoms as severe.

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