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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Hi everyone! My name is Mary Beth. I’m the daughter of a man with Parkinson’s. We’ve known he has had it since 2013. He lived in Michigan, where I grew up. I’m a full-time writer and adventurer, and I move around a lot. I live in South Carolina right now.

      We have such a wonderful crew of people on these forums. And I’d love to take some time to get to know everyone. Who are you? Where are you from? Where do you live? And what is your relationship to Parkinson’s like?

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      Barbara Ernest

      My wife had PD diagnosed when she was in her late 50’s. She passed away in July 2021 at 78. Over the last several years of her life she became more dependent on me-showering, dressing, house work. Her mobility, balance and speech were affected. She had numerous falls with fractured ribs and head injuries. But while she complained of aches and pains, she never complained of her affliction and tried the best she could to not let the disease control her life. She fell down a flight of stairs even though I told her never to go up or down stairs without my help. She suffered multiple serious injuries she was unable to recover from and passed away about a week after the fall.

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        Mary Beth Skylis

        I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like she was a very strong, and inspirational woman. How are you holding up?

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      Hi Mary Beth. My name is Mike. I have been married for 30 years to Fraya who is wonderfully supportive. We have 2 cats Tom and Jeri. I was diagnosed with PD about 18 months ago. We live in Sedona, Az. for 10 years but lived in Alaska for 30 years prior to that.

      I believe in exercise to battle this condition, LSVT and other on line routines , medication and diet.  I am 65 y.o. and really I welcome this condition since I do not have a choice. It has give definition to my 2nd act which is my retirement.  I also write on another PD web site which I think it is very good for my cognition.

      I believe in Jesus Christ and believe he has given me this challenge as well as the tools to cope with it. He has really blessed my life. Blessings,  Mike






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        Mary Beth Skylis

        Hi Krukar,

        Thank you for your message. Those are great cat names. Someone in your home is creative. What inspired the move from Alaska to Arizona, if I might ask?

        It sounds like you have a positive and uplifting perspective surrounding PD, which is a gift!

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      Mary Beth,

      Alaska is really cold in the winter. We really just got tired of it. My wife and I are both retired from the State of Alaska which gives us both good pensions.

      We both named the Cats who are very dear to us. We love Sedona and the climate is much more moderate for us. My approach to Parkinson’s is that I really don’t have a choice. With or without this condition God has blessed my life. Blessings, Mike

      Thanks for asking.




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