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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Getting a Parkinson’s diagnosis can be pretty surreal. My Dad saw a number of doctors, before he was willing to let the idea settle in. What would you tell someone who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease? Is there anything you would’ve liked to have heard while receiving your own diagnosis?

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      Yes, I would emphasize the progress made to date and the uniqueness in each individual.

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      Andrew L.

      Educate yourself, there is a lot of info out there. It’s a wakeup call to get active (exercise). Reduce stress as much as possible.  Find a support group. Get a team of doctors (preferably someone specializing in movement disorders) and/or therapists (P.T. and psychotherapy, etc). Take advantage of the multiple free outreach programs put on by many hospitals.  If severe or you are older, consider retiring if still working. Learn to meditate or whatever it takes to quiet the mind and stay in the moment.  Do things to help cognition (read, games, puzzles whatever).  One day at a time.

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      Russ Hudson

      I would tell him to research Butyric acid supplements. I started taking them in September 2018, and it cured my Parkinson’s.

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      Toni Shapiro

      I would say it’s very important to understand that everyone with Parkinson’s is different and to always keep that in mind.  What may help one may not help the other.  There are so many parts/ symptoms related to P.D. that are not widely  known so keeping tract of everything you experience is a good way to start and share it all with your doctor.  Not all doctors have the knowledge or understanding of PD so find a neurologist/ movement doctor who specialized in P.D.. Take your medication seriously and take it on time. Educate yourself beyond basic information.

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      nikos zanias

      to cry for the  world that lived before .

      everyone in this world have a mission his/her life has a purpose.

      we must go on,

      to live  every moment.

      our life is a gift.

      beyond medicine

      i begin  to love myself

      i am my univesre.

      i am from greece, i live in athens, i am 56  year old, i diagnosed with pd 2002.


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      No two people experience the disease the same way.

      Each day is different some days your symptoms won’t bother you and other days they will and it is nearly impossible to figure out why.

      Research, research, research – medication, nutrition, exercise, alternative approaches. Don’t blindly follow your doctor’s guidance

      Exercise, exercise, exercise – Biking, dancing, speed walking, strength training, yoga, tai chi – many and/or all of the above

      Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition and I don’t mean dieting.

      Find a doctor who is willing to partner with you along your journey and one who embraces Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM)

      Fight the negative feelings because there is hope AND because it is not written in stone that your worst fears will come true. BE POSITIVE.

      Get support from family and friends.

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      Nikos! Wonderful!

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