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      Can you believe we’re entering our third March of the COVID-19 pandemic? How much has your life changed since March 2020? What has remained the same? Is your community, like mine, beginning to loosen distancing and masking restrictions? How does that make you feel? Do you think the end of the pandemic is finally in sight?

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      Alan M

      I bloody hope the end is nigh!  With the Climate Crisis and Putin’s War looming, COVID has become a minor irritant lately.  Anyone else feel like this?

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      Larry Rice

      I’m masking & all the same as before. Having some immune system suppression, I think that’s wise. With new covid variants coming on we may very well be right back where we were in a couple months anyhow. We’re knee jerk reacting because we’re tired of it, which could easily lead to bad consequences.

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      John Citron

      Massachusetts has loosened up its restrictions, but I still wear a mask. I have an autoimmune condition in addition to PD. After an issue with chronic dry eyes resulting in ulcerations and cornea surgery, I was diagnosed with Sjögrens Syndrome, and I’m one biomarker short from Lupus.

      Having said that, I noticed overall besides keeping my sinuses moist and face warm during the cold weather, I had fewer colds or other things, so it’s a win-win for me.

      During the COVID-19 restrictions, staying home didn’t bother me. While I like to go out for walks, I’m not one to socialize a lot anyway and I’m more of a loner and hermit. Staying home and doing my own thing was pretty normal.

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      On a personal level I’ve had a lot of stress over the last 2 years. My Mother passed away then my mother in law. I also had 2 of my children get married, (happy but still stressful) Lost my job and my symptoms have gotten noticeable worse.

      So a lot has changed for me.

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        Hi Andre, I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced so much stress – albeit some of it the good kind (congrats on the weddings). A lot of research indicates that stress can make many health conditions worse. Have you talked to your doctor or a licensed mental health professional about managing your stress?

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