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      If it is appropriate, I would like to ask how spouses deal with Parkinsons-related personality changes. While any close relative will be affected by these changes, I think the special relationship between spouses bears a different way of dealing with this issue. I would love to know how others have dealt with this. Thank you.

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      Phil Gattis

      What helped us is that, from early on, we realized that it isn’t my [or his] diagnosis, but *our* diagnosis, and we are a team fighting this thing called Parkinson’s.  She is with me at every appointment.  We discuss every change in medication and routine.

      For example, I started getting up 10 minutes earlier in order to facilitate 15 minutes of PWR!Moves before breakfast.  This, coupled with a slight tweak to dosage, has made a huge difference in morning alertness and wellbeing for me, while for her it mainly means a shorter night.

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      Thank you, Phil. I totally agree that my hubby and I are a team. I also go with him to all of his appointments, etc. I just feel that his frustration with everything sometimes gets aimed at me, and it is hard not to take it personally.

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      Patty Stratton

      All are correct. We work as a team. For 21 years I have been to every appointment, therapy, exercise group so that we remain on the same page. As time goes on it becomes more difficult and sometimes the frustration does get “shared” in a not so nice way. I admit that I too have shown my frustration a few times–I’m not proud of it…but it is a part of this horrible disease.

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