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      Jean Mellano

      LSVT BIG is a standard, evidence-based protocol provided in individual one-hour therapy sessions and governed by physical and occupational therapists certified in this program.


      Here is a link to an article that talks about how LSVT BIG is helping a PD patient:

      ‘BIG’ treatment helps slow Parkinson’s effects


      Have you tried LSVT BIG?  Has it helped you? How long and how often have you been doing it?   If you havent tried it, is there a reason why?  I would love to try it, but there are no therapists certified in this technique near me.

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      Diane Crosby

      I am about ready to start the month-long BIG therapy and will let you know after having gone threw it.

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      Scott Milstein

      I took it in the fall is 2019 after I was diagnosed. It’s basically about reprogramming your brain. The idea is that by taking large movements the brain will try to stretch the small movements that come with PD so they’ll be bigger( hard to explain).
      It’s worth it. It’s not a miracle of course but it will help as long as you practice after the month is over.
      Good luck. Let us know what you think .

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      Phil Gattis

      The link didn’t work for me.  However, it sounds a bit like PWR!Moves https://www.pwr4life.org/moves/, which I’ve incorporated into my exercise routine twice each week.  The idea is to combat the tendency for PD patients to hunch over & shuffle with big and fast movement.  Feels great so far.  Whatever my exercise routine is for that day, I always feel energized afterwards.

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      Mary Beth Skylis


      The right kind of exercise leaves me with more energy too. I tend to gravitate towards yoga, which can help with hunching and shuffling too. Does your exercise routine change alot?

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      Phil Gattis

      I just made a radical change in my routine.  I was doing HIIT, crunches, free-weights, & stretches 4 times/week, always the same routine.  Now, I’m doing HIIT 3 times, punching bag routine once/week; swapping out core [crunches] with upper body free-weights routine; swapping out PWR!Moves with traditional stretches.  My body is adapting to the changes, and it feels very good.

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