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      Do you remember what your earliest Parkinson’s symptom was? Did you suspect it was Parkinson’s at the time?

      In this flash briefing, Jo Gambosi recalls some of her sister’s earliest Parkinson’s symptoms, which at the time she dismissed as normal signs of aging (or wasn’t aware they were happening until someone pointed them out).

      How similar is your experience to that of Jo’s sister?

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      I am Ram from Chennai, India. I was 63 when diagnoised PD. I was surprised at the finding. I was having trouble with my bike with bad battery for self starting, thus i was kicking my bike for every start and felt by left hand stiff and tight. But the same was not easing at all for more than 6 months. I went to an orthopedic clinic and found nothing wrong and then went to a neurologist,  Dr Satish Kumar who immediately identified as PD and suggested medication. After 6 month of treatment  I was feeling drowsy and dizzy. I went to another neurologist Dr  Natarajan and who reduced the drug intake and stabilize my disorder. Due to corona virus I could not visit Dr. I continue medicines as suggested, now.

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      Jeffery Hill

      I thought my first symptom was a fluttering tremor in my left thumb at the age of 56.  When I researched the list of Parkinson’s symptoms I learned that my loss of smell 5 years earlier was on the list too!

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      I was having slight stiffness on the left elbow and fingers i could not clench, i felt like having put on left hand glove and the slight difficulty in clenching fingers together.

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