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My first symptom was tremor in my right hand about ten years ago. The first symptom where I knew it was PD was my right foot sticking to the floor.This occurred  November 1, 2019. I am 65. My symptoms:

My right ankle will stiffen up unless I exercise it daily.

Constipation; Don’t go to the bathroom unless you really have to go.

Tremor in right wrist responds well to exercise.

Back pain if I stand too long doing tasks with my arms.Taking a break helps.

Voice is hoarse though clears up with usage.

Sleeping is interrupted with a bathroom break pretty much every night however driving long distances helps me sleep the whole night.

A strong urge to urinate can come and go.

Skin peeling on eyelids.

I workout every day with stretching, yoga, and walking a mile on the treadmill. I am also an avid outdoorsman. Hunting and fishing helps to keep me flexible and happy. I take eight c/l in twos four times a day plus a four mg Neupro. My regimen is regularly interrupted. I often get quite involved with an exciting pursuit. So far I am not seeing a definate correlation between meds and feeling on or off.


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Three years

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