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      Mary Beth Skylis

      There are all kinds of devices, applications, and tools that are tailored for PWP. Spoons and forks can now be purchased to offset tremors. Cellphones can be used for their “talk to speech” features. My dad uses some types of technology to help him with daily tasks. Do you use technology to fight Parkinson’s? If so, which tools have been most helpful?

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      AK Jones

      use mechanical “picker uppers”* by RMS,have one to two in every room of house. I use weighted eating tools. also i have purchased a U-Step walker, a motorized  wheel chair with vehicle ramp; magnifying glass with light. looking for a remote television sound transmitter (not ear plugs or head phoneless ), For relaxation I downloaded free Orange Blossom tape.

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      I use grabbers, a shower bench, a rollator, a cane, a crescent ‘knife’ to cut meat.
      I am starting to use vocal ‘typing’, have an enlarged bright keyboard and when the time comes, I have a touch PC…the monitor will allow me to use my finger to scroll, x out a page, etc.
      My bed consists of a bunkie board and mattress resting on the bottom steel shelves of
      two small scaffolds. The extra metal ‘arms’ on the sides are good for pulling myself out of bed, etc.

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      Suzanne Haidri

      I use Poop Tracker app.

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        AK Jones

        LOL, And how is that working for you?

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          Suzanne Haidri

          Very well, thank you! It’s very handy to keep track.

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          Suzanne Haidri

          It keeps track of the size, color, type (hard vs soft scale), and other things.

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          Joyceann Summey

          What is the name of the poop app you use

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          Suzanne Haidri

          Poop Tracker

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      Dennis Wandle

      I purchased a u step walker and weighted eating utensils

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      Bom dia.

      Fui diagnisticado com doença de parkinsson há 8 anos. Tenho 71 anos.

      Nesta fase da doença, ainda não necessito de qualquer apoio.Vivo sózinho, cozinho, alimento-me,faço higiene pessoal, conduzuo,faço pequena agricultura, engomo a roupa, limpo casa.A minha maior dificuldade é o sono.Não tomo nada para dormir.No entanto já cheguei á conclusão que a última refeição, deve ser rica em fruta e legumes e nada de acucar.Embora goste de acucar depois das 12/13 horas evito.


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      Hi There..IDK if i’m cheating but I use DBS technology…It’s been a blessing thus far.even though its been 9months.Since its been turn on..i’m 48years old.


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