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      Mary Beth Skylis

      One of my greatest frustrations with western medicine is that it seems to treat our symptoms separately. Rather than looking at our entire bodies, our spirit, and our mind, we often put bandaids on the symptoms. One practice that I’ve found to be helpful for self-exploration is mediation and yoga. Through these outlets, I think it’s much easier for me to pay attention and stay in tune with myself in my entirety. Do you meditate or practice yoga? Do you think it helps, if so?

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      Karla Burkhart

      On days I can’t attend Rock Steady Boxing I use Yoga as a discipline. Without one or the other, I do not function well but become extremely stiff and clumsy. I use meditation most nights in order to get to sleep. I also use it if I wake during the night. I have recordings to help me with that. I have cut out using melatonin and have cut way back on other sleep meds since starting meditation.

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      I was struggling to be more physically active and so I pushed myself to start yoga so now I either walk, do the stationary bike, (if the weather doesn’t cooperate), or do yoga.  It has helped me physically and mentally.

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      My distonia is pretty uncomfortable.  I’ve been wondering if some sort of mind-over-matter would help, get me to stop tensing my muscles.  I don’t know anything about biofeedback or meditation – just that meditation does not come naturally to me.  Yoga is good for everyone.  Gotta do more yoga

Viewing 3 reply threads
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