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      Garrett McAuliffe

      When I am “off” I have difficulty urinating. I have trouble starting and the continuing. And then it’s just fits and starts – a little here and there. I run the water to help me go. I have not heard of anyone with thus symptom and i have asked. Does anyone know of this?

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      Hi Garrett

      Good question.

      I have stiff and slow Parkinson’s.  I have the problem you describe.  For me, every visit to the bathroom is a project.

      Here is a story for you.

      I have had bladder problems for 4 years and have had to wear pads.  All doctors presumed I had the garden variety of  old man prostate problems (I am now 66 yrs old).  I was on prostate pills for 4 years.

      Things were gradually getting worse.  So my Neurologist referred me to a Neuro-Urologist.  After some tests, I had an appointment for prostate surgery.  The day of the surgery the Urologist told me and my family that we may not have the surgery because a further review of my earlier Urodynamic study and my neurological file along with his professional “wisdom” was telling him that perhaps my problem was PD related and not physical.  He did a scope and ultrasound scan and found that my “liquid plumbing” system was indeed in very good shape for my age.  Thus, the problem was entirely neurological.  The sphincter at my bladder exit port was no longer in routine “automatic” mode.   Just like it does with our walking and such, this PD thing interferes with the autonomic actions of our bodies.   At least my normal mode is “slammed shut” as opposed to “always open”, which I have read is sometimes the case.

      I have to reserve 15 to 30 minutes to empty my bladder nowadays.  I also have a prescription for catheters which I have not had to use regularly, yet!

      That was the only thing the doctor could prescribe for my situation.  A catheter.  No magic pills this time.

      I now know that bladder problems is one of the early signs of Parkinsonism and my Neurologist says that some PD people have these problems and some don’t.

      Well, while the physical aspects of the PD progression do not get better, at least the stories do get more interesting.

      Best regards to you.

      Robert C

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Garrett, You’re definitely not alone. My Dad doesn’t talk about that particular symptom often, but seems to be quite common. He did report, however, that after undergoing DBS in the Fall, urination has been seamless. He used to have to get up in the middle of the night because he felt like he needed to go. But he often couldn’t. I’m not sure exactly why this happens, but I do know that my Dad has struggled with this kind of thing as well.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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