• I feel like I’m one member of the club of trying to slow down and pause and not multitask or many-task!as I look at what I have accomplished in my life and my career, I can rest assured that I did well in many areas and feel good about that meaning was clear when I was raising children and when I was a full-time professor. BUT – as my paid work…[Read more]

    • Garrett-
      It’s good that you’re thinking about ways to fill the space in your life. My Dad (diagnosed in 2013) says that he enjoys his alone time. But he goes to Rock Steady Boxing classes twice a week. Church is important to him. He loves to listen to records. And he spends lots of time reading about current events and learning about the latest…[Read more]

  • i just lost a whole message in which i illustrated my day of running from one task to another. The day was then filled with symptoms and dyskinesia. I taught my class while dyskinetic. It is clear that “stress,” which can simply be concentrating on a task, or rushing, or even doing exercise, triggers symptoms AND dyskinesia. The message I am…[Read more]

    • Garrett, what great information. My Dad has definitely seen the link between dyskinesia and stress as well. It seems like managing stress levels has a great deal to do with dyskinesia. Have you found helpful strategies to manage stress?

  • I keep my house warmer than I ever did, including rooms that I’m not currently using. I have room by room heaters. This would’ve been sent for during the oil prices in my 20s in the 1970s, when we all lived cold to save money and oil and all that. But with PD I feel justified and keep my house warm. Pretending it’s really summer and I’m in the outdoors.

  •  I Find apathy to be one of my most difficult symptoms.I have a general feeling of not caring about things whether it’s my favorite sports team or holidays coming up. It seems like some folks don’t experience that I have overcome it or dealt with it in some way. I even heard someone in another discussion mention positive elements or appr…[Read more]

  • I am working as a professor in my 10th year since diagnosis. I would like to continue. But I can’t multitask but do too many tasks in a row. Plus I experience apathy on a gut level while still being interested in my work, on a thinking level. I wonder how it is for others who are working with PD. 

    • Hey Garrett,

      My Dad has worked as a realtor for the past 30+ years. He was diagnosed with PD in 2013. And in the last 3-4 years he has tremendously changed his lifestyle. He still works a bit each week, but he doesn’t really show houses anymore and he tries to limit the stress in his life. Do you feel like something needs to change in your life?

  • This is Garrett. I learned that dyskinesia is also increased by stress. So if I start to get dyskinesia and am doing something active or stressful, it gets worse. I have tried to lie down or pace around the house slowly. Instead last night, instead of hiding away, I joined the company of a neighbor who had stopped by.  Dyskinesia makes me speedy…[Read more]

  • To all who responded to my initial post. It is inspiring and heartening to hear your words. I want to add an important discovery that I have made. My extended episodes of tremors, involuntary movements, and feeling “speedy” I think are related to engaging in a stressful task when I am feeling a return of symptoms. Even driving at that point. Ins…[Read more]

  • I am wondering what I can realistically expect about my future.I was diagnosed 10 years ago, and in the past year my symptoms have noticeably increased, including 12-15 hour episodes of being severely On, with massive tremoring and other symptoms that last all day. Then I see Michael j. Fox acting, going abroad, and looking quite functional in his…[Read more]

    • Hey Garrett,

      Thank you for sharing. My Dad was diagnosed with PD in 2013. And my understanding is that it affects everyone differently. Michael J. Fox has early onset PD. So he was diagnosed quite young. And perhaps his progression is much slower than others’. I think that he probably also limits how and when the public sees him, so it’s…[Read more]

  • I too am working virtually full-time 10 years after I was diagnosed, which means 20 years after I Started with PD. I am a full-time professor. I can work at home a lot preparing classes and do a research. I teach also and do a lot with meetings and other things like that. I often can’t work. Stress is a significant factor. I need to do m…[Read more]

  • I seem to have a combination of dyskinesia and tremor of the Parkinson’s symptoms at the same time. When I’m particularly stressed or concentrating or active, my symptoms increase as does my dyskinesia sometimes. That seems to be a contradiction which seems to say that you either get symptoms or you get dyskinesia. I’m in my tank is his diagn…[Read more]

  • I am a person with Parkinson’s (PWP). I can attest to the value of acceptance and Commitment therapy (pronounced “ACT”).  It is a way of mindfully living in the present Within having a chronic condition or other life circumstance. It is very different from cognitive behavior therapy or CBT, which works on a much more shallow level trying to counte…[Read more]

  • Garrett McAuliffe became a registered member 3 months ago

    • hi garrett
      Welcome to the forum! I am one of the moderators, diagnosed in 2015 at age 61. If there is anything specific you would like to see discussed on the forum, feel free to post a new topic in any of our forums or jump in on an existing topic:

      – Garrett McAuliffe (@gmcaulif) October 21, 2019

      i feel pd is affecting my voice, so i am taking a voice…[Read more]

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