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      Jean Mellano

      For the past week, I have been having bad low back pain.  Its bad when I get out of bed in the morning, especially when I sit down and get up again after breakfast. As the day goes on, the pain diminishes. I don’t know if this is arthritis due to aging or PD related.  I just spent a small fortune on a new mattress 6 months ago, so I doubt it is related to my mattress.

      Anyone else suffering from back pain since their PD diagnosis?

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      Julia Tom

      Yes, I too experience the same thing. When I woke I actually felt as if I am very tired, also my back muscles are got strained. But thanks to Nest Bedding Mattress, duet to their soft and cozy mattress I finally got rid of my back pain.

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      Jean Mellano

      If I really am diligent about stretching ( laying on floor, knees to chest) and doing yoga child’s pose as soon as i get up, it helps..  It is so difficult to tell if something is caused by PD or other factor.  I start blaming PD for everything LOL.

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      Facing this same issue and really this very heartbreak situation. Dor recommends me to change the mattress and I really get much relief from back pain after changing my mattress.

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        Jean Mellano

        hi couponbiss.  are you saying your mattress change helped your back pain?

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      Lou Hevly

      I have back stiffness when I’ve slept 5-6 hours solid, which doesn’t happen often, but it goes away as the day wears on. It may be too because I had two herniated disks removed 40 years ago. As you say, yoga helps. But I have no way of knowing how I’d be if I didn’t have PD or do yoga.

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      Jean Mellano

      Funny thing about PD, we dont know if our issues are caused by PD and we dont know what works and what doesnt work to alleviate symptoms. Hence, my hesitation to stop doing something that might  possibly help.

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      Andrew D Graham

      Just joined and diagnosed only in the past month. I’d been having tremors for about six months but then started having back pain that would move from one location to another and was sometimes severe and sometimes not present at all. I saw an acupuncturist, a rolfer, and then an osteopath looking for a treatment that would address this back pain. My osteopath sent me to my PCP since she was suspicious about the tremor and my PCP sent me to a neurologist. Neurologist (and all the info I’ve found in my research) suggests that pain in the neck/shoulders or in the lower back isn’t uncommon in PD, I haven’t found any reference to pain that has no specific locus and moves around the way mione does.

      So – has anyone else had back pain that isn’t in a specific area but moves from place to place?


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        Jean Mellano

        andrew, thanks for sharing.  my pain does not move around, although sometimes i have back pain and sometimes i dont. as it is with pd, there are so many unanswered questions.

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      P Mulberry

      Consider talking to your doctor about a series of steroids treatment.  This can give amazing relief and will let you know if it is unrelated to PD.

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        Jean Mellano

        it is good to keep your doctor in the loop.  PT may also be a viable option

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      I have the same problem, lower back pain and my right shoulder when first waking thought it was age or work related before diagnosis.

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        Jean Mellano

        One of the things (and there are many) about pd that frustrates me is the fact some of my symptoms could be from aging and not pd.  I blame everything on pd now 😉

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      Unfortunately herniated discs and arthritis don’t go away, they just lie dormant. For this reason it is important for you to keep the stabilizing muscles of your back as strong as possible – the swiss ball is great for this and there are a myriad of exercises – both with and without wieights – that can be done on it. But this is for when you’re feeling better. For now your best bet is to find a chiropractor who can help mobilize the area and take pressure off the discs and relieve the protective muscle spasm going-on. Spinal decompression may help but has not been shown to be more effective than regular adjustive techniques used by most chiropractors (and it’s pricey). Kinesiology taping can help with the muscle spasm – ask if they do that too. For home care, an inversion table may be of some use, just don’t hang completely vertical to start, only about 45* is good to start and for not more than 5 minutes.

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      Russell Dean Boyer

      You don’t describe where the pain is but if it starts in the back and goes away as the day goes on, it might be the piriformis muscle. Google that for a description.



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      I injured my back several times throughout my life and have damaged disks all along my spine. I tried everything to deal with the pain and it was alleviated periodically. In the last few years I’ve been sleeping on an air bed with eggshell cushioning and it was wonderful. I just switched to a memory foam mattress and it seems to be working well. I also switched from a soft oversized recliner to a smaller more supportive one so it seems my back has gotten stronger.

      I think you just have to give it time to heal and keep trying until you find what works. It’s a process. I was willing to try anything to prevent surgery if I could, and it seems to have worked. I’ve also tried a zillion support pillows to sit on and still drag them while out in public and it’s kept me from reinjuring my spine while traveling. Yeah it’s a little embarrassing but I’d rather that then suffering more pain.

      I don’t think my back problems have anything to do with PD except for the fact that my impaired gait and resultant falls caused the injuries to my back.

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      Our friend who had back pain used a heating pad.  He seemed to experience the pain when sitting for some time.  So far, my husband does not have any.  I believe it might be caused by muscle spasms.  My husband is enrolled in Rock Steady Boxing 3x a week so is doing a fair bit of exercise, stretching and wonder if this is also benefiting him by keeping muscle cramps at bay.


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      Andrew D Graham

      Yes. More than anything, stress exacerbates it. If I am active and engaged and happy, I have no pain. If I am on the couch using my computer for a few hours or watching TV for a long time it gets much worse. If I am feeling worried or stressed, I’ll get back pain. What is odd about mine is that the locus of the pain changes – sometimes mid back on one side, sometimes on the other, and sometimes my lower back  on either side. I use a heating pad lying down and good posture when sitting up for relief.

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Tina, I’m sorry that you have to go through that on top of everything else. But I applaud your efforts to find something that works!

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