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      Dam B

      I have noticed that as I take B12 injections myself, my hand and leg tremors stop or greatly subside. I use two different B12 (active forms) injections: Methylcobalamin (1ml) and Adenosylcobalamin (1ml). Every (average) 4 days I take one of them and this frequency helps at the moment. Only sometimes at the end of those 4 days (or some days later if I forgot) or when I have high stress levels during the 4 days (due to work), than the tremors are coming back for a short period. When stress level is reduced than the tremors do the same. To put it more in context, I am just diagnosed PD in the beginning of this year and I am not using any PD-medication.

      Interesting articles regarding B12:

      Active Form of Vitamin B12 Found to Prevent Neurodegeneration in Study of Animal Models

      Every day I also take a B-complex, Curcuma, Q10 and Vitamine D (all high doses or good products. Not sure if I can put brand names in this topic ;-))

      Does anyone else have the same experiences? And what is your frequency? If you use them, do you combine them also with other vitamins, etc.?

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      Paulette Myers


      The information about Vitamin B12 is very interesting.  Why do you take injections of B12 instead of taking it orally?  I was not aware that the average person could take B12 shots.  Do you go to someone to get them or take them yourself.

      Thanks for posting the article from Nature.


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        Dam B

        Hi Paulette,
        <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks for your reply. Maybe my information could help you and  others as well. I am taking the injections myself (in the beginning a little bit scary but it is for a good cause 😉 and injections are also scientifically better than pills. Pills are only between 1% and 10% effective based on studies. B12 Methylcobalamin injections are for example also used in Japan for reducing cancer tumors, but if you google you will find several worldwide scientifical studies. I buy my injections indirectly from a German pharmacy. They are better than the ‘normal’ injections I could get them from my local doctor. These are not the ‘active B12 versions’ and very cheap. I hope this will also help you and others… it is off course at your own risk, but B12 in high doses are allowed (see scientific studies). Good luck and hope to hear from you (or others) if it helps you as well.</p>

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        I have Pernicious Anemia, as well as Parkinson’s. This wasn’t diagnosed until several years after I had PD. Before the diagnosis of PA, I had to hold onto walls to be able to walk. I was constantly exhausted. After receiving 5 B-12 shots in a row, I could literally run a few steps. I received one shot every 4 weeks, then every 3 weeks. I HAD to keep my B-12 serum level to 1,200 or higher to received adequate benefits. (My doctor said this wasn’t necessary. She always looks at “numbers”, unfortunately, not the patient.) I was allowed by Medicare to use shots at home, but I preferred going in. Over the years, my B-12 dropped to the 600-range, and I felt unable to function. Finally, my doctor referred me to a Hematologist. He told me that sublingual B-12 has been found to work as well as shots.
        Apprehensively, I started using daily SL B-12 B-12, 5,000 mcg/day; it is an OTC medication. They are working even better than the shots, I am so relieved to say.

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          Beth T Browne

          Katherine.  I am confused as to what SL B-12, is.

          I get B12 in with other B vitamins, and that amount is only 300mg.

          So you take two different forms of B12 that you get OTC?

          Does this help your tremors?

          Thank you.




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      Very interesting article! Thanks. Since I am periodically deficient in B12, will speak with my neurologist.

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