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      Ron Work

      They offer Restore Gold for Parkinsons treatment.  Anyone try it yet?

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      What is Restore Gold ?

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      Ron Work

      go to the website  It explains it really well.  I am gonna start it next week


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      I’ve been curious about this product, too. Please update after you’ve tried it for about a month, Ron.

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      I’d say, yes, try it!

      I’ve been taking Restore Gold for 6-months, but not consistently…after the first 2-3 months I noticed a change in the distonia in my right foot (esp) and leg…I couldn’t sit too long to type at work and got a computer riser so I can stand and work… I stopped taking RG for a couple months when my neuro looked at the bottle and ingredients, said he sees nothing harmful and heard good things about the TUDCA, and remarked but they’re in to making money, also a friend said, “well the placebo effect is pretty powerful”. (Note: I had to drop to part time work due to Parkinson’s so my income cut in half, this along w/these remarks took the wind out of my sails.) So I laid off for a little over a month…the distonia crept back, I seemed to be regressing and began to require a 3rd dose of Parkinson’s meds. I’m back on the Restore Gold a month now w/no interruptions and starting to sense it’s working. The last 2-3 days I’ve been able to go without that 3rd dose of Parkinson’s meds (carbi/leva) successfully and the disturbing distonia is slowly receding. I went ahead and got more RG. I would recommend trying it. I’ve gotten the indigestion – food does help with that. I also started taking a tincture form of mucuna pruriens in the evening.

      I hope this helps, please let us know how you do on RG!

      All the best, Sue

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        Hi, my husband is trying this and we would love to know how you are doing now.   Also, did it interfere with your meds?   I think u said you were able to lower the dosage on your meds?
        thank you for any info!!

        barb & Paul

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      I ordered it a couple of days ago. I should  be getting it this week.  I’ll provide updates.


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      Robert Li

      I looked at the ingredients of Restore Gold and it makes a lot of sense for neuroprotection, gut health, and mercury removal.  So the dystonia or other improvement is not likely to be just placebo effect.  By the way, tyrosine is the natural precursor to L-dopa.

      Thanks for sharing the info.

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      Charles H Levin

      I read the website and the research appears to be informed from documented studies. It appears that the most salient results are observed at about three months.

      My only skepticism is the question of the placebo effect, which basically causes your brain to produce dopamine. So I think it’s hard to know if it’s really working …

      That said, I’m, nonetheless, very interested in what everyone is saying here and I will more than likely try it …

      Please keep updating this thread if you are having positive results from it …


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