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      Toni Shapiro

      Hi, I have been having great difficulty with anxiety taking over my body and making my symptoms much worse.  I find when I am out in public, or even chatting with friends, that I get overly anxious and nervous and shake.  I have been avoiding social gatherings. I have a fear of falling. I start to stutter and can not finish my sentences often because I can’t think of the word I want to use or I lose my train of thought.  This is really becoming a problem for me in my day to day life. I can also get RLS while on a plane which increased my anxiety levels as I am sure the other passengers feel uncomfortable with all my movements, pounding my thighs, jumping around, etc.

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      I’m sorry for your struggles, Toni.

      My Dad has vocalized some of the same concerns. He is a bit withdrawn from communities that he used to interact with — not because he loves them any less. But because it can be really hard to time his medications. And I suspect he fears falling as well. And it simply takes alot of energy to participate in events.

      I get anxious too. Not in the same way. But it can be rehabilitating in a different way. I tend to resort to introverted activities. But I wonder if there’s a different way to approach it.

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      I have the same issues and have withdrawn a lot. My friends were concerned at first but now they accept that if I’m up to it I’ll go out or accept visits. They’re considerate and text or call before dropping by to see if I’m up to it.

      Of course I’m not happy with these circumstances as I’ve been an outgoing person for the most part of my life. I just look at it now as getting some quality alone time with myself. The majority of my life has been spent over achieving so I try to think of it as finally getting my retirement, just a little early.

      As MJF said, “It is what it is” and that’s become one of my new mantras, which has helped me to be content. I try to text or call someone every day to stay current, maintain interaction with others and avoid becoming too isolated.

      After I move in with my daughter next month there will be adjustments and different issues as well, so I’m planning on pacing myself more.

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      I’m sorry, Toni. I work in the mental health sector (in a non-clinical role) and have struggled with anxiety many times in the past. I know how debilitating and isolating anxiety can be, and I can empathize with some of what you’re feeling. Have you talked to your doctor about this challenge or considered going to see a mental health professional? Perhaps there is a medication and/or coping strategies that could help.

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      Hi Tina, thanks for sharing – I like your mindset. It sounds like you’re experiencing a lot of transitions right now: retirement (which is a huuuuge life change, with or without illness), a new reality with PD and also moving in with your daughter. I hope you can take a moment to be proud of  yourself because you’re juggling a lot! <3

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      Anxiety is the bane of my existence since PD entered my life!  You have got to talk to your doctor about medication to help you manage.  It takes time to find your right medication and dosage.  Get an order for a motorized scooter or a Parkinson’s walker. It comes higher to help stand up straighter. I understand your struggles with the stress of symptoms and situations. …I’m only 39…..but I’m not ashamed to tell people I have Parkinson’s and it’s more than tremors so they will understand and they are fine and allow you to cut yourself some slack. I’ve secluded myself too because of the fatigue and the Dystonia in my right ankle….I don’t want to feel stuck anywhere and that makes me more anxious and then other symptoms start and it’s a viscous cycle. Try to keep pushing forward and get out there….once you start secluding it’s hard to stop!

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      Toni:  I am sorry to hear about your struggles.  I also have a lot of anxiety and have been working with both my counselor and my neurologist to deal with it.  My counselor said that exercise helps and is used for people who do not want to take anxiety medications.  My neurologist gave me a prescription for Lexapro, which as I understand it, replaces serotonin which may help with anxiety and depression.  However, the side effects of Lexapro are quite scary, so I am trying exercise right now.  I would be interested to hear about anyone else’s experience with Lexapro.

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      Robert Tauber

      After suffering for many years I finely gave in and started Lexapro. It has slow going and now after 6 months my quality of life is back. The anxiety monsters are not all gone but are manageable. No real bad side effects. I still use Klonipin every now and then if the monsters appear. Stay strong in mind body, and spirit

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      David Dorsey

      I too have bouts of anxiety and depression. I use medical cannibas with great success. As a result this provides me relaxation thus courage to enjoy social activities. Using has given me my LIFE back.I would recommend this practice to everyone with the same challenges.


      GO BLESS

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      Toni Shapiro

      Hey Mary Beth, Tina, Ally, Shannon, Matt and Robert.  Thank you so much for your input.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  It’s good information sharing and great support.  Since my original post I have seen my neuro and my GP as well as had a telephone counseling session, massage and physio (who suggested I turn in my cane for a walker and that shook me up.)  Sheesch!  this PD is a full time job and the guilt that since I can’t drive anymore that my husband has to cart me around to everything is now starting to get to me.

      FYI My neuro added 2 levocarb CR at bedtime to my cocktail and it has been working.  The time release is helping. I wake up feeling good with minimal shakes and balance issues and havnt fallen out of bed again since.  Also my GP increased my Citalopram as well as gave me 10, .05Ativan to take if my anxiety is really bad. (Not all at once haha),  So far so good.  I have been having massage which not just relaxes me and helps my anxiety but my tremors too.  As well I am doing physio so I have exercises specific to me.  I continue to use the treadmill and hold on for dear life but most always feel good after I do it so yes I do see the benefit in exercise.  As far as the counseling goes the first session was ok in that we concluded I was depressed which I hadnt considered because of my good spirits .  I scheduled another much needed appointment that never happened due to the counselor and insurance company’s choice of service provider that left much to be desired but that is another topic that I will call “Fits of Anger “on my next post lol. I was surprised at how terribly upset I was when the counselor failed to call and it made me look at other areas that I am angry about.  I worked for a crisis/suicide as well as an abused women and their children 10 bed facility for almost 20 years so you would think Id have more insight.  So that’s the latest.  Thanks again for listening.









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      Toni Shapiro

      Thank you David.  I appreciate any and all information I can gather.

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      Thank you, everyone, for sharing your experiences and speaking so honestly and openly about mental health/anxiety. Yesterday was Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada and I am just so happy to see our society moving in a direction where mental health is no longer a taboo topic. I’m sure all of you have helped more people than you know (e.g. the ones who maybe aren’t commenting, just reading) — thank you for that. 🙂

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      James Harvey

      You mentioned that RLS was one problem.  I don’t know if what I have is RLS or not but sometimes when I’m lying in bed awake one or both legs will “vibrate” (i.e., a motor nerve seems to fire a few times in the upper leg which causes the whole leg to shake) for a few seconds.  This occurs about every 3 to 5 minutes.  I moved my ropinirole dose to just before bed and this seemed to help some but it’s hard to say for sure since the problem is intermittent.

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