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      Dave Kean

      Anyone have experience with this? I have a relative who ,every night only, has 1-4 hours of this w extreme restlessness, cant stay still, pain all over. What medications have worked  to treat this?

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      Russell Wilson

      Are you relying on someone having exactly this “symptom” of a discrete cause? Looking for some “moral support”?

      What does the person’s treating neurologist have to say?

      Going “back to first principles” (my early training in biology, physiology etc) — basic neurology, basic (early) research one learns that this is a relatively common symptom of PD, associated with other “Extrapyramidal Symptoms”, especially when factors like age and severity are considered. It’s not usually associated with pain but, again, when one considers age and severity pain, often from rigidity of muscles (one of THE classical symptoms of PD that we all suffer from the longer we have the disease), is very common. One would need to ask a structured series of questions to see if it is truly “all over”. Treatments I wouldn’t like to guess at but you could look at things like Propanolol and Amantadine.  Again, depending on your degree of experience with searching the science literature, information on these is relatively easy to find, but the person’s treating doctor should be the first “port of call”.  I’ve only had PD for 5 – 6 years (“after diagnosis”), and haven’t got this, yet, so  thanks for giving me something else to look forward to, as if the number of meds I’m only isn’t enough as it is ;-D

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      Toni Shapiro

      Hi Dave,

      Yes, it’s a terrible symptom to live with. Click on Parkinsons Disease Symptoms under FORUMS on this site. Scroll down,  there are 11 descriptive posts from 4 weeks ago on this topic. I think it will be of interest to you.

      I would have nights where I would move my whole body for hours at night.  I thought I was going out of my mind. My neurologist increased my Levocarb closer to bed time and also has me take 2 LevocarbCR right at bedtime.  That did the trick for me.  My Akathisia is pretty much gone.  Some milder restlessness.

      Although this worked for me,(thanks to a post from an Akathisia sufferer suggesting increased medication and who validated my symptoms), every PD case is different and not all of us respond to medication in the same way.  I think it’s important for your relative to visit a neurologist. I hope you check out the Symptoms Forum’s old posts. All the best to you and your relative.  Support is a great thing for those of us with PD

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