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      I recently became aware of Methylene Blue, and at first was very excited about its potential benefits for Parkinson’s Disease patients.  But I read a precaution against taking it if also taking carbidopa/levodopa. I would appreciate more information.

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      Charles H Levin

      This may be worth investigating more. But this study was published in 2008. Why have we not heard more about it since then? That raises some serious red flags for me.

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      Stuart Maxwell


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      There are recent articles (not just the one below), but I’m not finding studies related to PD. Likely there’s no money to be made, particularly if it’s neuro-restorative in any way.
      Some take-always: • Small doses are good, large doses bad. • Get the pharmaceutical grade, not the other kinds. • There are contraindications. Read them, especially if you have Parkinson’s Disease and take medication for it!

      Do extensive research so you know more about it than your doctor before discussing it. Your doctor will probably say “no” regardless, since it’s not a standard PD medication. How do we break free from that stranglehold?

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        Stuart, I would love to read what you maybe tried to post. Somehow it didn’t make it through. Try again?

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      At first I thought you were asking about taking blue crystal meth. Having watched all the episodes of the  “Breaking Bad” series, I was shocked by your suggestion! But then I looked closer … whew!  I decided to check out “methylene blue,” and found a few entries for the drug. None of the sites had much to offer regarding the drug itself and its uses. In some cases the descriptions focused mostly other drugs that should not be taken with methylene blue.  I’m actually tempted to say there was a cryptic element to the statements I did find.  It’s a mystery to me!,are%20symptoms%20despite%20oxygen%20therapy.

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