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      Mary Beth Skylis

      This year has been a strange year across the globe. With COVID-19 levels spiking, once again, many people are choosing to celebrate the holidays in new ways. Has anything changed for you this year? Will you be participating in any socially-distant gatherings? And what are you looking forward to doing this season?

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      Beth T Browne

      Two weeks before Thanksgiving, my taste went away.  Being a fairly new PD patient, this has hit me very hard.  I had not cried until then, and I still cry at times.  I have no desire to grocery shop, but when I do, I don’t know what to by.  Then I sit down to eat, and there is no taste.  What I taste is the same thing with everything, not desirable.  I barely ate the Thanksgiving food sent to me by my daughter, as I chose not to go to her home.  I will go Christmas, however.

      I can’t imagine never being able to enjoy eating again.  I live alone, and not much to look forward due to virus, but my daughter and I would have lunch together.  This lost of taste certainly takes away from our conversations about the food and new recipes.

      I also only weigh 93 and my primary wants me to gain.  I am suppose to drink the Protein drinks to help that, but they taste pretty bad.  I feel like I am taking medicine everytime I eat or drink.

      If anyone has any advice, it is appreciated.

      Merry Christmas to all.



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      Beth T Browne

      Hello Mary Beth.  I did call and talk with her, and I had a COVID test, which was negative, and I felt sure it was not that, as I have no other symptoms.

      My doctor suggested adding more seasoning.  I have a heart condition, so I am advised not to add too much salt.  I use Stevia for my coffee.  However, none of this has worked.

      Now I wonder what is next.  But right now, nothing is as bad for me right now, not even my tremors, as not being able to enjoy eating.

      Have a Merry Christmas Mary Beth.


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      Don Weber

      Hello Mary Beth. We usually get together the Sunday before Christmas. The family,  grandkids, grate grandkids, and spouses. Between 60 and 70 people. We did this when, Dad and Mom were alive,  and continued on till  this year. We are talking about  doing Christmas in the Spring,  if the Virus is controlled.  This Family hasn’t had a good year, our youngest brother died, our sister is to have surgery in December, I had skin cancer, and the Virus. This year needs to end quietly and quickly. Don Weber                                       Merry Christmas Mary Beth

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      Mary Beth Skylis


      Thank you for your thoughts. Hang in there! My sister had COVID, too. And she lost her sense of smell and taste. But it came back in about a week. Hopefully yours will too.

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      My holidays have been impacted badly. My hubby and I had to go to Dubai for our elder brother’s birthday celebrations. But…our visa has been cancelled due to covid-19.

      I was very excited when I found out about these vacations and it had to be our honeymoon too.

      After that we couldn’t be able to go anywhere, still waiting for the best time to go.

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      I’m sorry to hear that your plans were cancelled, Jennie. I had to put a travel plans on hold, myself, in 2020. Hopefully 2021 gets a little better.

      What are you looking forward to doing in 2021?

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