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      Did you know that the highest number of birthdays happen in September and that one of the most popular birthdays is September 9th? I feel like I know at least 5 or 6 people who celebrated a birthday in the last week! 

      When is your birthday? How do you feel about celebrating it?

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      Sherman Paskett

      How do I feel about birthdays? It’s simple: when I stop having birthdays, I’m dead, so I prefer to have a few more. How many? Maybe ten; not many more than that.

      As for celebrating, it’s a non-event except for having the kids and g-kids over and eating too much Texas sheet cake (almost the food of the gods, is Texas sheet cake). Now, that is a celebration. No presents. I’ve got enough Home Depot gift cards to last several lifetimes.

      I think conception day is more interesting than a birthday. Born in September? Your parents were huddled up in the dead of winter trying to keep warm. No wonder September is a popular month. What else are they going to do in January to keep warm? I was conceived in the springtime — maybe in a field of clover — probably explains my allergies, but I was definitely not the product of two people trying to stay warm.

      (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I think September is … an okay month to be born … not as good as January, but okay.)

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      Good topic.

      I am September 22.

      On my last 4 birthdays I have felt that I am now really on Plan B.

      I thought I would stilkl be able to do so many other things at my age.

      But it is what is and you just gotta figure out other things to do!

      And no, sleeping all day doesn’t count!

      Things could always be worse.

      Robert C.

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      Sherman Paskett

      So true, Robert. I was going to do so much when I retired, but the body heard I was retiring and has taken charge, so noe we go to doctors.

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