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      Mary Beth Skylis

      I was recently able to get my booster shot (Pfizer). And I was expecting it to knock me out for a day, since that’s what the initial (Moderna) vaccine did to me. But, luckily, I hardly had any symptoms at all. With the exception of a mild sore throat, I felt completely normal. How did your booster compare to the initial vaccines? Have you found that any of the doses impacted your Parkinson’s symptoms?

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      John Citron

      First, I want to congratulate you on receiving your shots and the booster. Well done!

      I had Pfizer all the way.  I had no real side-effects from the booster at all other than a sore bicep muscle on my left arm where the injection is. I’m sore there anyway and this was a bit stronger and lasted a lot longer, maybe 3 days.

      I had an interesting visit with the nurse at the CVS where I had my shots and booster. When she was about to jab me, she noticed my bicep muscles were very tight on both arms. I told her I’m always like that and have a sore shoulder too on my left side. The first thing she said, was oh it sounds like you have Parkinson’s? I said yup, I sure do. We then discussed the medication and what not. She also works as a neurology nurse at the local hospital.

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      Hoyt Wallace

      I received my first two shots of the Pfizer vaccine last February and the Pfizer  booster this past September, all with practically no adverse effects, just a little tenderness in my arm for a few hours. I must be one of the fortunate persons who has never had an adverse reaction to any vaccination within memory, going back to receiving a tetanus booster shot when I was seven years old, about 75 years ago.

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        Mary Beth Skylis

        Hoyt, it sounds like you’re pretty lucky in that way! I feel fortunate in that my reaction was pretty mild the second time around.

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      Clive Varejes

      I had my booster about 3 weeks ago, and had no adverse effects at all.

      Although I must admit, a few of the “Novac’s”, informed me that if I waited a few days, I would without a doubt experience side effects.

      I waited 2 days them phoned them and told them they were totally correct, waited until they had said their  “told you so etc” then informed them I was growing wings.           Most of then did not think that was funny.                                                                         Go figure.






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      Don Harris

      I had my Pfizer booster a month ago with no effect at all, just like the two AstraZenica jabs beforehand.

      For all the effect I had I may as well have been given distilled water!

      Does anyone else agree that continuous video clips of injections going into arms is off-putting?

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