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      Mary Beth Skylis

      The last time I was home, I noticed that my Dad was struggling to swallow his chicken soup. On more than one occasion, he got the fluid down the wrong pipe which caused discomfort and coughing. Seeing this happen made me wonder if others struggle with this symptom frequently? And if so, how do you try to fight it?

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      Marlyne Wilder

      I have difficulty swallowing my meds, sometimes gulping 3-4 mouthfuls of water to dislodge a pill. I went to swallowing physical therapy and learned a few swallowing safety measures. I was swallowing scoped to determine how much my throat was not closing for food and pills to be swallowed.  But I was told that with Parkinson’s my swallowing ability may decrease. With my dry mouth I need to fill my mouth with water to be able to swallow food.  Even smaller bites of food turn pasty and hard to swallow. It takes me more than twice as long to eat as my husband, who is a slow eater. I get discouraged.

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      Yes, I have and it is very common.  When I told my Dr’s nurse practioner, she immediately sent me to a speech therapist.  I was especially having trouble with liquids and pill.  The therapist had me just “practice” swallow 10 times in a row, 3 times a day.  You have to do it with no liquid or food, just swallow.  It was really hard at first to swallow 10 times in a row, but after about 2-3 weeks I noticed a big difference.  Swallowing became easier and a lot less chocking.  I’ll have to do it the rest of my life because if I stop, swallowing difficulties will return, but really, such a small thing for big rewards.  I still have a little difficulty but nothing like before.  She also gave me some swallowing techniques.

      Does your dad’s Dr. know?  He might be able to help your dad, or send him to therapy.  It’ scary, and when food or liquid goes down the wrong way, it can lead to other problems.  Wishing the best to you and your father.  Hugs!

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