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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Dad (diagnosed in 2013) has alluded to the fact that it’s getting harder for him to dress himself. His hands don’t always cooperate with buttons and zippers can prove challenging. But I’ve heard of switching your shirts to velcro or opting for snaps instead of buttons.

      Have you made any adjustments to your clothes since the diagnosis? What handy tricks have you picked up?

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      Frances Lo

      I haven’t used any velcro yet, but I stopped getting pants without pockets, because I want my phone with me and don’t want to hold in my hands.  Also, no more skinny jeans; I’ve actually lost weight, but it’s too awkward to try to get into pants that are tight.  Elastic waistbands are easier to get on, and off when I need to go to the bathroom.  I sit to dress, which is less fatiguing.

      I also use nylon panties, not cotton, because they are easier to get pants over.  No more full-length skirts – too easy to trip over.  Haven’t found the perfect shoes yet, but I’ve replaced conventional laces with stretch laces so my shoes will slip on more easily.

      I have to wear compression hose for orthostatic hypotension – but those are fortunately not for everyone with PD.

      I’ve all but given up on earrings, and use velcro bands on my watch.  Oh, and I have an adult bib, which has made eating less messy; I have one for going out to dinner that looks like a scarf, but covers me to my knees when sitting.

      Hope this gives you some ideas.

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      Yes, I’ve totally illuminated shoes that tie.. ive got a new pair of tennis that have a catch on the bottom where you roll it and it tightens the laces. To get the shoes off, you click a button in the back and it loosens the shoe to take it off easily.. I tried panty hose ..once…I’ll never do that again”….I can still button my shirts and put in my earrings ,,….it just takes bout 30 minutes more time””, so I plan accordingly!

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      Toni Shapiro

      Yes, I had to buy different shoes, tops, pants etc..  I can’t bend over and my hands are bad so I can’t tie shoes and sketchers that are cloth or any other cloth type shoe leaves holes in the toes due to my PD shuffle and my big toes curling upwards so now I wear slip ons and need to get leather.  I bought a 3 foot shoe horn that I love and is very helpful.  Forget buttons…I went from not being able to do small buttons to med and now large leave me too frustrated and helpless.  I leave the button or snap to my jeans undone and sometimes only half zipped. I wear elastic waists as often as I can. I have been buying larger type pullovers with big  openings at the head space with no closures or buttons.  I  stopped wearing  coats or jackets unless it is really cold or rainy because I have to ask for help getting it on or off and I hate asking.  I have to lay on the bed then balance on the edge to get on underware and if I freeze forget it.  I try to avoid socks altogether.  It takes a long time to get dressed and it’s very frustrating.  Frances, I love the idea of a long length scarf that covers the knees when you go out to eat.  I will look for one, thank you. I use an over the shoulder cape to go out because it doesn’t have sleeves so it’s great….. until it slips off my shoulders Lol! I am starting to realize how PD can nickle and dime you into the poor house.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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