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      Mary Beth Skylis

      My dad sees a natural doctor in conjunction with his other doctors. She seems to think that his system is overloaded with heavy metals. But with time, diligence, and effort it may be possible to detoxify. Dad seems to think that his sense of smell has improved since beginning the detoxification process. Have you tried to detoxify from heavy metals? If so, has it helped?

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      AK Jones

      no i have not tried to detox  for heavy metals; this is the first  time i heard about it.

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      Mary Beth, what metal detox approach (ex. cilantro, chelation, fasting) is your Dad using?

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      Robert Li

      Mary Beth,

      I have had around 12 rounds of IV calcium EDTA and a round of DMSA.  These are pretty heavy duty chelators and cause risk to the kidneys if there is a lot of redeposit.  So I would not recommend unless there is a sure history of lead, mercury or other exposure.

      My NDs’ much preferred method is to go the slower route – cilantro, chlorella, r-ALA, etc.  You just have to have patience.  Also if one’s body is burdened with heavy metals it is important to take antioxidants for neuroprotection, as I’m sure your father’s NDs have said.  They are probably also trying to make sure the gut is working properly, otherwise the absorption of heavy metals may outweigh the slow detoxification.

      In my case, the detox has done wonders for reducing the “heaviness” feeling of my muscles, and for getting rid of some of the sleep issues.  The sleep issues that it got rid of included the feeling of firecrackers going off in my head, waking me up, and audible hallucinations like someone had just shouted in my ear.  My sense of smell did not improve much, but has much more with mannitol.  In fact, now some cooking smells that I didn’t notice before are now kind of annoying! 🙂

      The important point you got is that heavy metals detox is a very slow process, even with IV.  Improvement is even slower than just the detox process (months, years).  The one thing that most practitioners don’t know is that deficient vitamin D can cause manganese (not magnesium) build-up, because of insufficient production of SLC30A10 transports.  Dysbiosis, poor diet, and inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s Disease can also cause reduced production of SLC30A10.  The metal manganese, in particular, or in combination with other metals, is a risk factor for both Parkinsonism and Parkinson’s Disease (and likely Alzheimer’s, but I haven’t researched that).  I am currently working with the world’s leading researcher on manganese toxicity to make sure the recent research actually benefits patients, instead of being just academic.

      Good luck to you and thank you for sharing and taking care of your Dad.

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