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      Mary Beth Skylis

      My Dad used to love going to card clubs, social activities with his high school buddies, and football games. But ever since Parkinson’s entered his life, he seems to prefer a quiet lifestyle at home. But I worry that he may be losing interest in things that are good for him. Has your PWP lost interest in things they once liked?

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      Larry Rice

      I did until treatment made it possible for me to do things I enjoy again.

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        Gwendoline Jakins

        Hi Larry, can to share your treatment with us please.


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      Habib nazarian

      I used to spend time with old friends playing backgammon. I used to play violin and piano, and used to paint.  I have lost interest in all.

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      My husband is a introvert and I am the extrovert. He prefers to stay home unless he is with me. Sadly, he does not have any hobbies or interests in doing anything the past two years. I think once COVID and the mask thing is over, I can see him enjoying going to estate sale to find antique items to tinker with to repair. Otherwise, TV is his new friend.

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        Gwendoline Jakins

        Sandy, see my reply to Mary Beth Skylis, it may help.


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      Gwendoline Jakins

      Hi Mary Beth, the two things I’ve seen work are mannitol and the infrared coronet. Mannitol turned my husband’s life around. He had extreme apathy, caused by lack of dopamine. It improved so many of his symptoms.

      The infrared coronet has worked for many PD patients, including one, as reported by his wife, who picked up his brushes and started painting again. When I mentioned it to my husband’s neurologist, he said that a number of his patients have reported that they are using it with great success. It’s made in Tasmania, Australia, is quite expensive, but it’s worth a try.

      My husband is now using the coronet. Too early to tell if it helps. The mannitol has worked wonders for 18 months, but not as well now as it was.

      I hope this helps.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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