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My husband is 79 years old. He was first treated for depression. His main symptom was Apathy. Not that we knew that then. He was lying on the bed looking at the wall. He was in hospital for weeks, being treated by a psychiatrist to no avail. It was a local GP, who I sourced because of his interest in mental illness who got us on the right track. In no time we were at the Movement Disorder Clinic and he was diagnosed with LBD (Lewy Body Dementia). The great thing about this clinic is that you don’t always see the same neurologist and also they discuss your disease. And that’s what happened. Levadopa didn’t seem to be doing anything and one of the Neurologists suggested trying the Neupro Patch as he’d seen it work). Well, within a few weeks my husband was back to normal. It was amazing. He was rediagnosed from LBD to Parkinson’s. He’s been pretty good till last year, but now has his apathy back. He’s on Xadago and Madapar, but the apathy is still there., but not as bad as it was. We are also experimenting with vitamins and minerals with our neurologist’s blessing. We are now seeing the neurologist privately, but with second opinions from the Movement Disorder Clinic? Thank god for our health system.

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