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      Marcus Sutherland

      Does anyone have any experience with entacapone? My MDS just prescribed it to extend my on times.

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      Brian Bickers

      From a PD point of view this was probably the best medication I have tried, unfortunately it was accompanied by an unacceptable level of diarrhoea.
      Brian Bickers

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      fakhiuddin ahmed

      My wife has been taking entacapone for a year, starting with half a pill to one whole one. She has many symptoms that are hard to ascribe to a single factor, as happens with most PD patients, but none of the symptoms have persisted even as she continues to take entacapone.

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      It seemed to improve my on time but unfortunately I had some acute anxiety attacks that I felt were tied to entacapone, and I didn’t have more of them since I stopped the med. As I recall, it also messed with my sleep cycle.

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      Jim Skylis

      Yes, I take entacapone for about 8 months now and it seems to prolong my on times by about an hour.

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      mary parker

      Dyskinesia is my most annoying off time.  Entacapone made it worse.  The thing that helps the most for me is SAM-e and DHEA first thing in the AM.  SAM-e is best taken on an empty stomach at different times from other meds which can make timing tricky, but it eliminates dyskinesia and improves my mood.

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      William R

      I developed what I call “screaming diarrhea”.  I stopped the entacapone and then started it again and the diarrhea came back. This happened three times. Needless to say I do not take any more. I wish you luck.

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      I started with Entacapone but within a few weeks I too had diarrhea which is unusual for me because I’m usually constipated.  So I switched to the brand name of COMTAN and have had no diarrhea since.  I think it may have had something to do with the inactive ingredients, but not sure.

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      Barbara Ernest

      Tried it with no noticeable benefit.

      I have more off days than off periods in a day.

      My main side effects of my is blood pressure variations.


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