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      Mary Beth Skylis

      While Covid is wrecking havoc across the nation, many of us have made extreme adjustments to our lives to minimize the risks. But we still have to go to the grocery store and the gas station. Do you worry about performing these local tasks? Have you found ways to minimize or eliminate going out into public?

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      Sharon Fisher

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yes I do. I am experiencing a lot of anxiety about going out so I just don’t. My son shops and I don’t use much gas. So I basically only go to medical appts.  I feel like I need to get over this. How have you all handled it?</p>

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      Jacque Walston

      Sharon, I know how you feel. The way I handle grocery shopping is: I try to time my visits to unbusy times; I make a list and clip it with my coupons; I go to a smaller grocery store (also less walking!); wear mask and gloves; I get what I need and go; use self checkout and bag your own, which is the pits, I know, but you come in contact with fewer people; immediately upon arriving home wash hands, gloves, put away frozen foods, sit and have some tea. The rest will wait until you are rested.

      I will not go into large box stores, but order online and have things delivered. I understand you can do this with groceries, too, but I like to pick my own bananas.

      I have not had a manicure or pedicure or haircut in months. I do my own. It’s not a great job, but who’s to see you? I live alone; you may have family members who could help you with these chores.

      I hae not shopped for anything in the shops and find I don’t really need anything, but I do miss the entertainment value of browsing through the shops.

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      No I don’t worry about the virus.. I just wear my mask, although I hate it, keep my distance and go about my business. I have grocery shopped , clohes shopped and just walked around looking at things. My ponly physical issue is my PD ., so I guess I’m pretty fortunate. I have also restarted my Rsb class and we have in person support groups”.

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      Marlene Donnelly

      I’m from NJ, and we were hit hard in March and April. At that point our daughter did our grocery shopping because both my husband and I are high risk individuals, he with heart issues and me with asthma and heart issues besides PD. We have been doing much more online shopping, and my daughter cuts my hair. Now that things have calmed down my husband and I are comfortable doing our own food shopping. Everyone wears a mask in the stores, and we usually shop at dinner time, when there are few people in the stores. I don’t wear gloves, but I do wash my hands properly as soon as I get home and again once I am all done putting everything away. At first doctors’ appointments were all virtual, but lately we are back to going in the offices. We are told to call when we get there but to wait in our car until told to enter the building. Levels of protective cleanliness are very high. I take advantage of exercise classes and other activities on Zoom, which provide activity and social outlets for me. I don’t worry about the virus; I think we’ve got things covered.

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      My Dad (diagnosed in 2013) has recently taken to ordering the basics online. Occasionally we’ll take a trip to the grocery store too, but I think he likes removing the hassle of traveling and exposing himself to potential illnesses. We haven’t tried to use any of the drop off services, but I’ve wondered if others have had luck with them.

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