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      Mary Beth Skylis

      My dad recently went to the dentist. He was discouraged to find that he’d developed a cavity. After decades of no issues with his teeth, suddenly the enamel seemed to be failing. He wonders if this could be associated with Parkinson’s. His dentist seemed to think that dry mouth could contribute to the development of cavities. Have any of you experienced oral issues? If so, do you have any theories about why?

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      Ron Lusk

      I’ve PD for 4.5 Years and have not had a cavity issue.

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        Karla Burkhart

        As I am scheduled for oral surgery tomorrow morning to have another implant, my sixth, I have to say, yes, Parkinson’s causes tooth problems. I began this journey about 20 years ago, long before I knew about Parkinson’s. I had developed a dry mouth and eyes but no one told me that it was a problem to worry about. Then I started having teeth break and suddenly cavities, something I had few of in my whole life to that time. When you have a tooth break off at the gum line when nothing was wrong with the tooth until then, it is quite disturbing. I ended up having a whole rash of crowns. Because of the dryness, I was diagnosed with several different ailments but none really fit. Finally, I developed a slight tremor. I had developed stiffness and balance problems that no one could explain. They were both advancing slowly but surely. The tremor sent me to a neurologist who told me it was Parkinson’s. By now I am left with six teeth that are what I call “real” teeth–no crowns. If you are having dryness, don’t ignore it. There are remedies your doctor could help you with.

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      Mary Beth Skylis


      I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a difficult time with your teeth. What a frustrating experience! My dad has been dismayed at his own experience with cavities. And neither him nor I had heard about a parallel between cavities and Parkinson’s before.

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