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      I have found that I seem to be more prone to dehydration since the onset of my PD, especially in this hot humid summer we are experiencing this year.   Many mornings I wake up with a headache that I suspect is related to dehydration.  Do you experience more bouts of dehydration since your diagnosis?  Have you tried taking salt tablets to help?

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      Russell Wilson

      I’ve now had PD for about three years but it’s really only been in the last few months that this seems to have become a real issue, even a problem for me. It’s especially concerning since I’ve got a co-morbidity — with diabetes, which I’ve had for over twenty years (21 in fact). One of the problems that can happen with diabetes, long-term, is deteriorating kidney function — and naturally enough, dehydration can aggravate this kidney dysfunction. Not good news! (and this is from somebody who makes sure they always have water available to them). The need to urinate frequently, part of PD, must also contribute to the problem.

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        I agree with Jean, you do have a lot on your plate but thanks for sharing your experience, Russell.

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      Russell, I cant imagine having to fight PD AND diabetes.  My friend has had Type 1 for years and it has not been an easy journey for her.

      I know having PD puts me between a rock and hard place, having to drink a lot to prevent dehydration then  having to use bathroom so frequently. Or not drinking enough and having dehydration symptoms.  I am trying to drink more and I find myself stopping to use every bathroom I encountered LOL.  I wish you luck certainly have a lot to deal with on your plate.

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