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      Fatigue is one of the most common, but often under-recognized, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, affecting 30-70 percent of patients. About one-third of Parkinson’s patients consider fatigue the single most bothersome symptom, even more than the disease-associated motor symptoms.

      However, a universally accepted definition and classification is still missing, creating large challenges to its measurements. A recent study has found that the one-item Fatigue Visual Analog Scale (VAFS) is a highly consistent and reliable tool to assess fatigue in patients with Parkinson’s disease, and is associated with their quality of life. Click here to read more.

      Do you experience fatigue? How do you cope with it? Have you encountered any challenges in assessing or managing your fatigue with your healthcare team?

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      Jean Mellano

      Fatigue is by far my worst symptom.  I usually run out of steam by around noon everyday.  If I dont exercise in the morning, it wont get done.  Even a 1/4 mile walk in the afternoon can be monumental for me.  I have tried cutting back on how much I exercise, the intensity of it and also, I will try to lay down in the afternoon. The problem is, no amount of sleep can satisfy my fatigue.  I plan to discuss assessing and managing my fatigue with my doctor at my next visit.


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      Fatigue was one of the first symptoms I struggled with years before my diagnosis- I am lucky if I get 3 or 4 hrs a day where I feel like I can half way function- I was diagnosed in June 2017 stage 2 plus-the parkinson doctor figured I have had parkinson for 10 plus year.

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        Jean Mellano

        Hi Connie, thanks for sharing.  I am beginning to wonder if my extreme fatigue is a side effect of the medications.  I was on 4mg of neupro patch and with my Dr.’s concurrence I am down to 2mgs for a week now.  I dont know if it is my imagination but I do not feel as fatigued, but my balance is a bit more off.  It is so challenging to discern what makes a difference in how we feel.  There are so many variables.

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      Crystal Belle

      Hi Jean and Connie;

      It’s almost 1:30am where I am. Haven’t started any PD meds yet as I’ve been on meds for my arthritis since it retired me in 2004, hiding this diagnosis I think. Been through many scans lately and will see a cardiology next month for my tachycardia, which I’ve had since childhood. Worked in automotive 20 years so avoided a cardiologist, bc I know I have a valve that sticks open and was a workaholic for personal reasons. Hopefully he will give her the go ahead to treat my PD, as my fatigue and stiff legs have me almost immobilized now. Sorry you’re both dealing with this too, but nice to meet you. I’m reaching out tonight.

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      Jean Mellano

      Hi Crystal, I am sorry to hear of your health struggles.  I have my hands full with PD, I cant even imagine dealing with all you have on your plate. The extreme PD related fatigue can be crippling.  I know that naps and rest do not help me.  Hopefully you will be able to get relief from your PD symptoms soon.

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