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      Like the harness or “Upright Go” app?

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      Jean Mellano

      hopefelly someone can share with you if they have experience with the harness or app.  my posture is still good.  I was a dancer for many years prior to diagnosis so i guess i still have muscle memory..

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      Gail Dons

      If your back pain is from not rolling your shoulders back, then some of these posture devices might be a helpful reminder. However if , like many PwP, your back pain is from your upper abs getting tight/rigid and pulling you into a forward tilt, then these devices won’t help. I had a terrible time with axial instability, hunching over and trying unsuccessfully to remember to stand up straight and getting back pain when I tried. I emailed my MDN (from Africa, no less!) and together we adjusted my meds and timing. WOW – I could stand up straight (except I needed to roll my shoulders back more!)

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        Jean Mellano

        Gail, thank you for sharing.  i think it is excellent when we can focus on developing our muscles and strength so we do not have to use an aid.


        while an aid may be required in the future, I will continue to try building my strength through exercise.  my friend tells me never to get one of those easy chairs that can pop you out of the seat.  instead, i need to practice getting in and out of a chair on my own.

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        Thanks for sharing your experience, Gail. It’s super helpful to hear from someone who has ‘been there, done that’!

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