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     Jean Mellano 

    Since PD is progressive, it may be inevitable we need to change our medication dosage.  Have you had to adjust your meds because symptoms were getting worse?

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    Howdy folks.

    I am detail oriented, so bear with all the details.  And I ask for forgiveness up front for my lame attempts at humor.  If you can’t have a sense of humor with PD I don’t know how you can cope with this “very interesting disease, this PD”.

    I would be interested if anyone else has had similar experiences in getting to either the right doseage or the right meds to get them on a somewhat even keel with the “very interesting disease, this PD”.

    I have indeed had to change my medication doses.  Here is my Parkinson’s medication travelogue so far. ( dates are approximate).

    Nov 2018 started on 1 1/2 sinemet 3 times a day.

    Feb 2019 added entacapone with the mid-day sinemet dose. To see if it extends the on time.

    June 2019 added sinemet at bedtime

    At this point it seemed like the sinemet quit working!

    Now we (my Doctor) decides to get serious about the meds!

    July 2019 changed to 2 sinemet 5 times a day plus 2 sinemet controlled release at bedtime plus 2 sinemet if I awaken during the night.  Which I always do.   That adds up to 14 sinemet a day.

    July 2019 added 1 florinef to counter low blood pressure.

    August 2019 added 2nd florinef to counter continued low blood pressure.

    I got two different pills for bladder problems too.

    So a year ago I was started on 4 1/2 sinement daily to start and now eight months later I am on 14 sinemet daily and two florinef pills for low blood pressure.

    I do feel kind of drugged up.

    Oct 2019.  So now I am now starting to again get occasional wearing off at the end of each sinemet dose.

    Next appointment is in November, my one year anniversary of starting meds.

    I think I would like to return this high dose version of PD and get the low dose version.  I am new at this.  Can I still do that?  Did I miss the deadline or something?  I do have a good excuse if I missed the deadline.  I have PD!






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     Jean Mellano 

    hi robert,thanks for sharing this and i love your sense of humor!  sad to say, i think most of us struggle with the meds.  trying to find he right ‘cocktail’ of drugs to alleviate our symptoms can be quite daunting.  do you exercise and how is your diet?

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