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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Parkinson’s is a disease that impacts us nonstop. It isn’t as if we can turn it off or return home to a calmer reality. And the reality of the disease can make it difficult to talk about. When particular issues come up (like incontinence or nightmares), it can be difficult to verbalize what you’re going through. But how have you managed to successfully navigate those difficult conversations?

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      richard gitschlag

      I have a reasonably open ability to discuss most issues with my Neurologist, but even with that, it was a bit difficult opening up about the sexual malfunctions at first. It is still a bit hard to go into specifics, but at least broke the ice there and we were able to discuss it, at least in general. She has been very professional in bringing up other personal topics that I have been facing, and non-judgemental in some of the ones I brought up. That has made it at least a bit easier for me to bring up my other concerns.

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      I choose a calm time to discuss with my husband. If he has night terrors, there is usually something to laugh about.. because he curses like a sailor, and he never curses when awake, or one night called me something not so nice.. as he was flailing his arms and knocking things off his dresser next to his sleep chair. But I pick my battles. He knows what he needs to do, and is candid with his doctors. The worst I feel about is his pain. I cannot help him. I can do nothing to help. Some days I want to run for a month.. but I’d be happy with a getaway with my sister..  none last year.. fingers crossed a weekend this year!

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