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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Disease can be extremely overwhelming. Learning about a particular ailment can easily become too much to handle. When I’m beginning to get stressed out, I try to meditate, take a step back, and get outside. What are some of the things that you do to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed? When do you usually notice that you’re under too much pressure?

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      David Dorsey

      Take small bites.. Divide the task at hand to compartmentalized realistic goals….ie: when organizing your large walk-in closet.. Begin with your just your shoes.

      Don’t obsess unnoticeable details.

      Acknowledge that you are challenged and give You extra time to complete the task.


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      J Steven Mosley

      Be positive, just breath – I was diagnosed in July Of 2022. I began to read everything I could find. Spent many a night on the iPad researching and reading. Until I realized it is not a one size fits all – I had to limit the time spent on site searches in the evening, as it began to affect my sleep, Also readings posts on other sites were kind of negative. I would like to think of us as Warriors not Worriers…

      I am moving soon to be close to family, and have quite a bit stuff to give away. Found myself going from room to room instead of working in one room at a time. Parkinson’s is all so new to me, and it appears that is all so new to many that have been diagnosed.

      When folks ask me about Parkinson’s I try my best to share what I have experienced thus far and though our experiences are different we are all in this together.

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