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      Mary Beth Skylis

      With COVID-19 still impacting the planet, it can be tough to safely get to a gym. Luckily, plenty of people are using the internet to stay healthy through these trying times. I recently suggested that my Dad (diagnosed in 2013) and I take a virtual boxing class together. Have you taken any virtual exercise classes? If so, which class is your favorite one?

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      Barry Block

      I am 72 have had PD for 2.5 years. I exercise 6 days a week virtually in a combination of Silver sneakers  and Zumba classes. These have helped me enormously and my PD doctor confirms that my disease has not progressed since I started this pandemic routine.

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      I live in a very remote area of New Mexico where just getting to a physical therapist is a challenge. I purchased an exercise book/video combination called “Delay the Disease: Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease” which has been an excellent addition to formal PT sessions.


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      Robin Kanarek

      I have taken several virtual exercise classes specifically for Parkinson’s. There are a number of different types of classes (boxing; dance; yoga). You might want to try several to see which you like best. Or, you might want to do more than one on a regular basis. I have been taking Rock Steady Boxing 2-3 times a week, and have found it to be very useful. Not only, for the physical activity but also, to meet, if only virtually, other individuals with Parkinson’s. Knowing individuals in your class and having a set time for a class makes one more likely to attend the class.

      All of the instructors I have worked with have been very understanding of the possible limitations someone with Parkinson’s might have. There is a fair amount of overlap among the exercises, so one instructor is not necessarily better than another. The best way to determine which type of exercise is best for you is to search the web.

      With virtual classes, the class that you take doesn’t have to be in your neighborhood. I live in the Boston area but have taken courses in California, Washington, Colorado, Massachusetts and Arizona.

      Another consideration is financial. There is usually a fee for most type of classes. However, the fee can range greatly from 0$ a week to several hundred $$ per year.


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      Joseph OConnor

      in the process of going to one vr pt experience is really quite an experience it makes the excursive like playing a game

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      Marlene Donnelly

      I have been taking virtual exercise classes since last spring, when the exercise classes (yoga, t’ai chi, general exercise) I had been taking at my local hospital stopped having our regular classes. These classes are given by the same instructors at the same time as we had previously had our classes, and I find them to be excellent. I also have been taking chair yoga and t’ai chi classes from our local library (these are free, the ones from my hospital are $5 per class), and I also enjoy these very much. I have set aside one room in my house for these classes. The materials I need for my classes are right there, and going into that room puts me in the frame of mind that I am actually going to a class. I have had PD for over 10 years, and I have been going to classes for at least the past eight years. They make a huge difference for me. I NEED these classes!

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      Yes, I’ve taken virtual exercise class. I found it helpful.

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      Yes!  When covid struck, my local Rock Steady Boxing place started offering zoom classes, which I’ve been doing ever since.  Over a year ago, I also found Power for Parkinson’s, which offers different classes every day of the week on Youtube.  The classes are free and specifically target PD issues.  There are different instructors every day, and they cover just about everything (yoga, strength training, vocal exercises, dance, brain exercises), AND they offer a live chatline so that you can talk with a Moderator and other Participants.  It’s a great way to stay connected and get motivated to move.  I’ve also found free online classes by Patrick LoSasso and by YogaJP (so fun – chair dancing), and I also took a series of Tai Chi classes that were on zoom.  So many great resources!  Find something you enjoy, and keep moving.  🙂

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