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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Parkinson’s is infamous for being difficult to diagnose. Since the symptoms vary so widely, it can be difficult to determine just what it is. And I’ve heard that the wide variety of symptoms can contribute to a misdiagnosis. Have you experienced a misdiagnosis? If so, how did you determine that it was the wrong diagnosis?

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      Donna R-M


      My father had Essential Tremors. When I started experiencing tremors the MDS ordered a DATSCAN. The scan said my dopamine was fine, I wasn’t exhibiting any of the other symptoms, so it must be ET.

      We spent 18+ months trying meds for ET. None worked.

      Finally, put me on c/l, to treat me to symptoms instead of dx. Works great!

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      I have misdiagnosed during 10 years…

      My most-discomfort complaint was right whole leg pain and ache,

      a lot of examine by nourologist, EMG and MRI SCAN, during 10 years i searched my real diagnose !

      Docs says these were calling stucking nerve syndrome, meralgia paresthetica etc.
      after all, i sense bradykinesia my right hand’s fingers, diagnose was clear about PD.

      But i think these misdiagnoses give me 10 years free – without PD, i was lucky for that, i was upset and worry if i knew real diagnose

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      I was first diagnosed with MS.   Later APS, a clotting disorder similar to Lupus.  Then lastly with Parkinson’s.  The DAT scan confirmed it.   But MRI confirmed MS and blood tests confirmed APS.

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