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      Mary Beth Skylis

      I’m infamous for attempting to convince everyone to get a dog. My love for the animals is unmatched. But, recently I’ve been thinking about how dogs love us back to health. I read that service dogs can assist with the management of Parkinson’s symptoms like freezing and imbalance. And I’ve wondered if it’s time for my Dad to get a service dog.

      Have you considered getting a service dog? What are your greatest concerns regarding getting a pet? If you have a dog (or a service dog), have they made a difference in your life?

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      Jeffery Hill

      Our family just committed to purchasing a puppy, which we will pick up in 4 weeks. It’s an Australian Shepherd, one of the most intelligent breeds out there.  I hadn’t considered training her to be my Service Dog.  Mary Beth, do you have any information on the specific training involved?

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      Mary Beth Skylis


      I want to get a puppy too. I love Australian Shepherds. They’re very smart and easy to train. But tons of energy! As for training, I know you can take your dog to a professional to have them learn strict service training. That option can be quite expensive, which is a deterrent for alot of people. The rules vary by state. But I think that it’s possible to train your dog and to still get it certified as a service dog. So, you can teach it all of the appropriate strategies and then work with the officials to get the paperwork. I bet it wouldn’t be tough to train and Aussie. But I’m still working on my Dad! He hasn’t caved yet. Why are you landing on that particular breed?

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