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      Sleep disturbance is a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease, and new research indicates that low quality sleep, like that due to sleep apnea, has a negative impact on cognitive function in people with Parkinson’s, particularly in the domains of attention, executive function, and memory. You can learn more about this topic by listening to this flash briefing.

      How has Parkinson’s impacted your ability to get a good night’s rest? Have you noticed changes in your attention span or memory because of poor sleep?

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      Beth T Browne

      I am 83, and was diagnosed in July of 2020.  My right hand had been shaking for a year.  I had been on thyroid for years, and suddenly, it appeared I got a bad dose, and ended up at the hospital.  Once I changed brands, the shaking got better, but never stopped.  My thyroid doctor suggested I see a movement doctor.  I was very shocked to learn I had Parkinson.  Sleep has been a problem since 2019, and I could not figure that out.  I have mild sleep apnea and use a mouth piece.  I could not handle the other.   I now take 1/2 of Benadryl and it gives me 5 hours.  I am small, and weighed 97/98 up until recently.  I was put on Carbidopa/Levodopa.  It made me so nauseous I could not eat much, so I got down to 90 lbs.  Then I had symptoms of Pancreatitis but it wasn’t that.  I had a CT scan and they found a mass on my left lung.  I am eating again, waiting for a report on the new CT scan I had this week, this time on my chest, as I am a 27 yr breast cancer survivor.  I have a new doctor, pulmonary.  He thinks it may be a mass from Bronchiectasis.  So, today I started taking Dopa Mucuna, not a prescription, at the advice of my movement doctor.  She said it is not as strong.  I am a month behind on starting something for my shaking.  I am praying this does not make me nauseous.  I think I may have had Parkinson’s since 2019.  My movement doctor said my brain was alright, but my short term memory is not good this year.  I know I am old, and memory due to old age is common, but how do you know if that is your problem.  I see my movement doctor Oct 1, so I will discuss that more with her again.

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