• Beth T Browne

    September 24, 2020 at 2:31 pm

    I am 83, and was diagnosed in July of 2020.  My right hand had been shaking for a year.  I had been on thyroid for years, and suddenly, it appeared I got a bad dose, and ended up at the hospital.  Once I changed brands, the shaking got better, but never stopped.  My thyroid doctor suggested I see a movement doctor.  I was very shocked to learn I had Parkinson.  Sleep has been a problem since 2019, and I could not figure that out.  I have mild sleep apnea and use a mouth piece.  I could not handle the other.   I now take 1/2 of Benadryl and it gives me 5 hours.  I am small, and weighed 97/98 up until recently.  I was put on Carbidopa/Levodopa.  It made me so nauseous I could not eat much, so I got down to 90 lbs.  Then I had symptoms of Pancreatitis but it wasn’t that.  I had a CT scan and they found a mass on my left lung.  I am eating again, waiting for a report on the new CT scan I had this week, this time on my chest, as I am a 27 yr breast cancer survivor.  I have a new doctor, pulmonary.  He thinks it may be a mass from Bronchiectasis.  So, today I started taking Dopa Mucuna, not a prescription, at the advice of my movement doctor.  She said it is not as strong.  I am a month behind on starting something for my shaking.  I am praying this does not make me nauseous.  I think I may have had Parkinson’s since 2019.  My movement doctor said my brain was alright, but my short term memory is not good this year.  I know I am old, and memory due to old age is common, but how do you know if that is your problem.  I see my movement doctor Oct 1, so I will discuss that more with her again.

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