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      Mary Beth Skylis

      As Parkinson’s progresses, it isn’t uncommon for PWP to struggle with falls. I worry about my dad falling when no one is at home, and we don’t yet have a security system in place to confront this issue. Do you use an alarm system? If so, has it been helpful? If not, why not?

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      Debbie McDaniel

      I use two systems.

      One is Medical Guardian which I wear on a lanyard around my neck  If I fall I can press  button and I get to talk to some who will send the firemen out to help me get up  ( I can’t get up from the floor on my own  )

      The  other system I use is my Apple Watch which will send out the Calvary if I fall-I don’t get to talk to anyone when I use my watch. It just recognizes that I have fallen and sends out help which could helpful if I lost consciousness.

      I figure that between the two systems I’m covered for all falls!

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        Orlando Jack

        Is there a device that detects when a person who does not fall but passes out and becomes  unconscious? I have not anything that detects that possibility.

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          Mary Beth Skylis

          Orlando, I haven’t personally heard of a device like that. But it may exist. That sounds like a really scary symptom to face.

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      Tom Violand

      I also use the Apple Watch (series 5).  I ride my 10 speed road bike for 9-10 winding miles a day in my suburban neighborhood. I have some balance issues and twice have taken a fall hard enough to cause a call to my cell phone to ask me if I needed assistance. Fortunately I was OK and was able to tell them I didn’t need help, and thanked them. This is supposed to work anywhere  on planet Earth, I know that it works well in Southern California.

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      Beth T Browne

      I am 84.  Have not fallen yet.  I have osteoporosis and bones are not good.  I took all those things that were suppose to help you since I was in late 50’s and my bones are still bad.  I started Prolia, as it has helped my 62 yr old doctor to the point she can stop it.  I had a two shots, a year’s worth, and my hair was falling out badly, and my back hurt all the time.  So, I stopped it.  I just finishd a Balance Class.  I need to exercise daily, but having a hard time.  Seems I have so many things going.  I live alone, so there is washing, light cleaning, bills to pay, grocery shopping, solving problems it seems.  Hard to find good doctors where I moved to 3 yrs ago.  I try to use the treadmill in our gym daily, but am not disciplined enough yet.  Working on it.  I have floor and other exercises. They just started a class here on strength and balance today, and I forgot it.  Darn. I have a series 6 watch that detects falls.

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      I want a device with a button that my wife can press that will call my cell phone.

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