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      Mary Beth Skylis

      My dad has always been quick to smile. You can always count on him for a laugh. But over the past few years, his expressions seem to have changed. He seems to occasionally experience facial masking, which means that his expression may look monotone. And this can make it difficult to interpret his mood. Do you struggle with facial masking? If so, are there things that you do to overcome it?

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      I also suffer from facial masking anhave nd have not found a good way to eliminate it ort least try to overcome the effects. I used to be a big smiler and laugher but no more! i have heard that some of the speech classes helps the overall effects but i have not pursued this solution! not much of an answer but,,,

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      Jeffery Hill

      I know I have facial masking.  For instance, my manager at work was slightly frustrated by my “poker face” because he could never tell what I was thinking, and I didn’t seem to react to anything.  However on a moment to moment basis I am not conscious of it because I’m not looking at myself in a mirror. Therefor I don’t spend any time trying to deal with it. I too have heard that speech therapy is a route to go for improvement.

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      George Sharp

      I think facial masking is one of the things that I have to come to grips with it is just another thing we have to think about to make us feel normal because that is what we want to do, we feel if we put the extra effort in it helps our Parkinson’s to me it is sometimes a waste of time why spend our time thinking about things we used to do without thinking, it all comes down to us wanting it to appear normal. This is one of the hardest things for us to accept.

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      George Sharp

      What we need is a cure, if they spent as much money on research for the cure to Parkinson’s as they have done for covid 19 it would have been a done deal long ago .

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