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      I have found pets to be very soothing and can give one some purpose.  I have 2 rescued bunnies, Snoopy and Budgie.  Although they are a lot of work, they do bring joy to my life and give me a reason to get out of bed in the morning (to feed them).  To me, my pets love for me is unconditional (as long as I have food in my hand LOL).  When I have very bad days, I will lay on the floor with Snoopy and he will give me bunny kisses to soothe my tears.  Budgie, on the other hand, will thump up a storm when I am upset  as he doesnt like to see me that way.

      Do you have pet that has helped you through your bad days?  If you do, post a photo of him/her and share your story.

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      Russell Wilson

      Should I get a pet?

      That’s the question I’m pondering, and would like some some feedback from from those “in the know”.

      As a boy I was always in a household where there were pets — cats, dogs, birds, tropical fish.

      Recently there was a cat near where I lived, and I totally loved it.

      But I’ll be moving soon, and was wondering if I should get my own.

      Trouble is …. you guessed it. I don’t have any live-in supports with me, and my own rate of progression, so far, has been pretty slow, but noticeable, but what about the future?! I want to be sure I can take good care of my pet, looking after all its needs, for companionship, stimulation, as well as “the basics” — feeding, health care etc.

      What do YOU people think? Is it fair to the animal? Given what I could be looking at? It’s (hopefully) going to have a much longer life, free of disability, than I feel I can reasonably expect for myself.

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        Hi Russell.  I have no caregiver, and worry what will happen to my budgie bunny if my pd progresses to the point where I cannot take care of him.  He gives me so much joy and makes me laugh.  He gets me out of bed in the morning as I must feed him.  Yes, it is getting harder to take care if him. he is a rescue rabbit., and I stay close with the volunteers and know that my budgie will be taken care of should something happen to me.


        An an excellent option for u might be to foster vs. adopt a rescue animal.   By doing so, you are giving an animal who has probably had a rough life, a chance at knowing what it is like to be loved.   I believe most rescue organizations have fostering options for people who cannot commit to adopting for whatever reason.   And if you share your health situation and concerns, the shelter folks will probably work with you.

        I hope u consider fostering a rescue animal.  I guarantee you won’t regret it.  Please post what u decide to do.


        BTW I am a ‘failed fosterer’.  I was going to foster budgie bunny in 2010.  I still have him 🙂


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