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      Berberine. Berberine.
      There’s an over the counter veg. based drug that seems to be attracting attention because:
      1 It has been shown to be safe in several trials
      2 Been used in Chinese application for cardiovascular issues, etc.
      3 Tested on mice in small controlled trial and shown to improve memory and balance
      4 Approved by the FDA so long waits would not be necessary

      So, I got a supply of it and will take 1000 mg/day in two doses for two months.
      Worth a try. Wouldn’t hurt, might help. I’ll report back occasionally re progress or lack thereof.

      Wondering if anyone here has had experience with Berberine.

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      William R

      I am curious to see if it works!


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      Robert Li

      Wow, Yakim, that’s a great find.  Some people take berberine to help with blood sugar reduction and diabetes.

      Berberine, a biochemical in some plant foods, seems a pretty promising way to increase the production of L-dopa by bacteria in the gut. It won’t fix the core reason for PD but can help reduce L-dopa requirements.  Here’s another link:

      They discovered that treating animals with berberine, or transplanting faecalis into their gastrointestinal tract could improve both their behavior and brain function. However, these positive effects were stronger when both methods were combined.

      I think this also tells us the importance of a good diet (to help normalize gut bacteria), since we are probably not going to get a transplant of the bacteria anytime soon!

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