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      Jean Mellano

      Some books written by people with PD and how they have dealt with it:

      Fighting Parkinson’s…and Winning: A memoir of my recovery from Parkinson’s Disease, by Howard Shifke

      Reverse  Parkinson’s Disease, by John Pepper

      Goodbye Parkinson’s,Hello Life!, by Alex Kerten


      Have you read any of these books?  If so, did you find them helpful? Do you have any recommended readings?

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      The book is called:   Ultimate Parkinson’s Tips to Walk Faster, Stand Up, Unfreeze, Turn in Bed, and More

      It is about tricking the neural pathway. The techniques used provide from 30 to 40% improvement in movement while the technique is in use.

      The following is a webpage for Ultimate Parkinson’s Tips, with videos demonstrating techniques.  If you find that the techniques in the videos help then you will like the book.

      More about the book:

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        Jean Mellano

        thank you Matt for sharing

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        Thanks for sharing, Matt. I take it you’ve read this book and applied some of the information to your own experience. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

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      I bought the book for my wife.  She’s been slowing down.  She sometimes shuffles and also struggles to stand sometimes.  It’s making her want to stay indoors.  Now she’s busy trying things from the book.  I can see the difference in her walk and in her movements.  She actually is walking outdoors more too which is good for her because she had been withdrawing from public places and making the house basically her world.  I feel like she’s more optimistic.  She’ll carry a plate and ask me to watch the difference when she does something from the book.

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