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      Affiris’ experimental Parkinson’s vaccine, Affitope PD01A, is safe and effectively triggers an immune response against the alpha-synuclein (aSyn) protein, data from a series of four consecutive clinical trials show. The experimental vaccine, Affitope PD01A — a synthetic aSyn-mimicking peptide based on Affiris’ Affitome technology — targets alpha-synuclein by inducing an immune response that generates antibodies specifically against it.

      As such, Affitope PD01A has the potential to modify disease progression. Read more about this research here: Potential Parkinson’s Vaccine, Affitope PD01A, Safe and Possibly Effective in Long-term, Phase 1 Trial Series Finds

      Are you familiar with Affitope PD01A? Have you considered trying it?

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      Paul D Lefebvre

      The research trials report found in Parkinson’s News Today makes this vaccine an interesting prospect for at least stopping the PD progression. Like the prospects for gut microbiome treatment, stopping PD progression would be very welcome. ~~ As for trying it, I would seriously consider it if it came as trial to my local PD clinic.

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        Jean Mellano

        My head spins when I see all these potential solutions that may offer those of us with PD a chance to slow progression or ease our symptoms.   While I am thrilled there is this kind of research happening, I am also confused a lot as to which path to pursue.

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          Paul D Lefebvre

          You’re right, thee are a lot of potential meds coming to market it seems, or at least coming in to research. They all have the “may …” caveat.

          I have pretty much decided that I will stick with tried-and-true Sinemet as long as it works. I would weigh carefully recommendations from the neurologist I see. As for a pursuit of other medications, I am open to clinical trial studies that might be suggested by MJFox, or the Parkinson’s clinic I attend.

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      Jean Mellano

      Same here,  for now, Sinemet/Neupro for me, exercise, diet, try to reduce stress levels…

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